Prices and inventory of homes for sale in Penn Valley

The below information is from the NCAOR MLS and is the area of Penn Valley, Ca. These numbers are historic and can be used to see the overall condition of the market from a brief snapshot. There are lots more data available if you need some further numbers to make decision on buying or selling [...]

Lake of the Pines Housing stock and Pricing

Below are home prices for the Lake of the Pines community. Lake of the pines is a gated Community on the north end of Auburn and has easy access to Grass Valley, Nevada City and all the convenience of a close commute for jobs in the valley! The commuity has a golf course, Lake, Tennis [...]


Penn Valley Real Estate Data, housing stock and price

If you want to see what is going on with the home market in Penn Valley, Ca take a look at this data. This information comes straight from the NCAOR MLS and covers the area of Penn Valley. Now that you have seen the data you can take a look at the property - Homes [...]

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